In 2010, artist and designer Leon Rosenblatt finished a two year series of graphite drawings entitled Streamers, a group of more than forty chronologically drawn pieces that flow into each other in an ongoing, surrealistic landscape.


The work is unique in that although each of the meticulously detailed drawings stands alone, there is no denying the continuing "story" of imagery. Rosenblatt refers to this process as "streaming" because he creates the drawings purely from his subconscious memory. Starting randomly on each page, he uses no reference, still life objects or photographs. What first seems to be abstract, becomes three dimensionally alive, even if the objects are often just beyond the recognizable.

Two pieces from the series have recently been accepted to appear in the Bakehouse Art Complex's Art Basel exhibit in Miami, entitled SIN!

The drawings themselves are dark and thick, not only in their hinting of a gnarled and littered future, but in the vigorous, sometimes heavy application of the graphite itself. There is so much layering and rubbing of the surface, it seems impossible that in the beginning, Rosenblatt simply started with a few marks on a blank sheet of paper.

Streamerart, now available!

Streamerart is now available for purchase through our online Gallery. Pricing for original art, limited edition signed prints and poster art, is listed below each piece for sale.
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